A unique concept,
the Neuro-Phyto-Cosmetology

Why Neuro?

Formulae enriched by a unique transverse patent, the Neuro-Phyto-Oxygénant Complex. Its action targeted at the cutaneous nervous system regulates the emotional stress of the skin which becomes more susceptible with the other assets.

Why Phyto ?

At the heart of all our formulae, powerful natural active ingredient and ranges organized around a natural emblematic asset recognized for its properties on the skin.

Each ingredient has its own story:
+ Why it was chosen
+ Its exact variety
+ What it does and what it targets
In total in our formulations, we use 100 natural active ingredients.

Why cosmetology?

Convinced that the effect of our skincare products is complemented by the pleasure derived from their use, we develop formulations that associate comfort and sensory appeal to encourage their daily use, a key factor in achieving noticeable results.

A 70-year expertise with formulations having increasingly enjoyable and innovative textures!