White Mulberry Brightening Cares

White Mulberry Brightening Lotion

200ml Bottle

Complete make-up removal  and tonifying the skin with softness. She is sweet, fresh and invigorated.

Active ingredients

+ Organic White Mulberry Extract
Renowned for its soothing and brightening properties, for a luminous and even complexion

+ Phyto-depigmenting Complex
This latest-generation complex that combines plant extracts (Saxifraga, Grape, Scutellaria and Mulberry) has a powerful anti-tyrosinase action and greatly reduces melanin synthesis. Melanin production is reduced, pigmentation spots fade and the complexion is brightened

+ Aloe Vera Extract
Renowned for its immediate and long-lasting hydration action, and for its soothing properties. It restores comfort and suppleness to dry skin

+ Sweet Almond Oil
Rich in essential fatty acids, it has regenerating and protecting properties for the skin barrier

+ Cotton Extract
Renowned for its softness, cotton has soothing properties for soft and comfortable skin

Beauty use

Morning and evening, apply using a cotton pad to the whole face and neck, after the WHITE MULBERRY BRIGHTENING CLEANSING MILK.