Raspberry Hydrating Cares

Raspberry Fresh Serum

30ml bottle

Intensive quenching skincare that provides instant radiance for dehydrated skin.
Its secret: a high concentration of hydrating sugars combined with Rice ceramides that target the most dehydrated zones.
The skin is intensely hydrated and its suppleness, comfort and luminosity are restored.

Active ingredients

+ Organic Raspberry Extract
Softening and refreshing

+ Raspberry Omega Fatty Acids
Maintains moisture

+ Glycerol
Capacity to retain water and improve suppleness

+ Sorbitol
Limits skin water loss

+ Encapsulated Rice Ceramids
Slow down the dehydration

+ Fructose
Improve skin water holding

+ Neuro-Phyto-Oxygenating Complex
Smooth and illuminates the complexion (patent)

Beauty use

Morning and/or evening, apply 1 to 2 pressures to the face and neck, under the cream.



Hydrated skin*

A more supple skin*

Radiant skin*


* Satisfaction study realized over 21 women after 21 days with a twice a day application.