Peach Grapefruit Mango Body Cares

Peach Exfoliating Body Cream

200ml tube

A delicious and creamy scrub that offers a new skin effect.
The skin texture is refined with the effects of the natural particles which eliminate dead cells and boost cell renewal. The skin is soft, smooth and comfortable.

Active ingredients

+ Peach Stone Grains
Exfoliate and smooth the skin

+ Extract of Organic Peach Pulp
Softening properties

+ Peach Stone Oil
Intensely nourishes, brings comfort and suppleness

+ Apricot Extract
Softening and regenerating vertues

+ Aloe Vera
Immediate and sustainable hydrating and calming properties

The +

Ideal before a hair removal to avoid ingrown hair, before the use of a self-tan or before departure for holidays.

Beauty use

Apply once or twice a week on humid skin. Gently massage then thoroughly rinse.