Peach Grapefruit Mango Body Cares

Grapefruit Exfoliating Body Scrub

150ml Jar

This creamy scrub removes dead cells, helps cell renewal and refines skin texture thanks to fine particles of salt. The combination of Vegetal Glycerin with Aloe Vera Extract leaves the skin soft and comfort.

Active ingredients

Stimulates the synthesis of Dopamine and boosts cell oxygenation for soothed, smooth and radiant skin

+ Organic Grapefruit Extract
Anti-inflammatory action and combats the degradation of natural hyaluronic acid

+ Organic Grapefruit Water
Tonifying and hydrating properties

+ Salt Cristals
Rich in minerals and trace elements, exfoliating and remineralising

+ Vegetal Glycerin
Hygroscopic molecule which absorbs water, keeps water at the skin surface (upper layer of the epidermis). The glycerin decreases the trans-epidermial water loss and reduces the speed of water evaporation

+ Aloe Vera
Immediate and lasting hydrating action. Smoothing properties

The +

For a softer effect: can be used on wet skin.

Beauty use

Gently massage on a dry skin, rinse thoroughly.

Then, apply the Hydrating Body Milk or the Sculpt Firming Body Cream or the Grapefruit Slimming Serum.