Mimosa Energising & Smoothing Cares

Oxygenating & Exfoliating Powder

30g Bottle

An all-new exfoliating powder that combines rice powder and salicylic acid to gently eliminate dead skin cells and refine skin texture day after day. The skin is instantly clear and soft, and the complexion is more even.

Active ingredients

+ Rice Powder
Eliminates dead cells and impurities present on the surface of the skin for a gentle exfoliation

+ Salicylic Acid
Eliminates dead cells and promotes cell renewal

+ Talc
Instantly and lastingly mattifies the skin for a shine-free complexion

+ Kaolin
Absorbs impurities and excess sebum for a clearer, more even complexion

The +

Can be mixed with any cleanser/makeup remover (gel, milk, water, oil, mousse, lotion).

Beauty use

Morning or evening pour a small amount of powder onto wet hands. Massage on the face and lather using circular motions, avoiding the eye area, and rinse.