Lime Purifying Cares

Lime Purifying Concentrate

30ml tube

This highly purifying formula should be applied to problem areas.
Enriched with clarifying active ingredients, it targets imperfections for even skin.

Active ingredients

+ Organic Lime Extract
Purifying, astringent and brightening properties

+ Grapefruit Pip Extract
Purifying and matifying

+ Black Cumin And Magnolia Vegetal Complex
Regulate the production of sebum and limits the risk of inflammation

+ Boldo Extract
Tighten pores and limits shines

+ Rhamnose Gum
Inhibits the adhesion of impurities

The +

Fluid serum texture.
Non comedogenic. Particularly effective for T zone or acne problems on the back.

Beauty use

Apply morning and/or evening to problem areas before Lime Mattifying Cream-Gel.



Unified skin (immediate effect)

Purified skin (long lasting effect)*


* Satisfaction study realised over 17 women, after 28 days of a twice-a-day use.