Lime Purifying Cares

Lime Calamine Drying Lotion

100ml bottle

An original two-phase lotion, this powerful “SOS imperfections” skincare is applied locally to quickly dry out skin impurities.
Enriched with exfoliating Lactic Acid, the skin is once again clean and even.

Active ingredients

+ Organic Lime Extract
Purifying, astringent and brightening properties

+ Ethylic Alcohol
Drying and soothing properties

+ Ylang Ylang Essential Oil
Purifying properties

+ Sulphur And Camphor
Purifying, they slow down sebum production

+ Calamine
Dries imperfections

+ Titanium Dioxide
Matify and absorbs shiny marks

+ Lactic Acid
Exfoliate and favors the cell renewal

Beauty use

Two-phase lotion to shake before use. Morning and evening, apply topically on imperfections. Leave it to dry.