Lime Purifying Cares

Lime Astringent Toning Lotion

200ml bottle

An invigorating alcohol-free lotion that targets imperfections, while purifying and tightening the pores.
The skin texture is even and the skin is fresh, clean and toned.

Active ingredients

+ Organic Lime Extract
Purifying, astringent and brightening properties

+ Grapefruit Pip Extract
Purifying and matifying

+ Black Mushroom Extract
Astring, it tightens pores

The +

For a real sensation of freshness, keep the Lotion in the refrigerator.
Alcohol free formula to respect the skin.

Beauty use

After the skin’s cleansing, apply the Lotion with a cotton pad to the entire face or to specific areas: chin, cheeks, forehead (T area).