White Mulberry Brightening Cares

Jasmine Protective Fluid SPF30

50ml bottle

This fluid with its fresh and natural fragrance is ultra-light and non-greasy; it protects against external aggression (UVA, UVB, free radicals and pollution). The complexion is clear and even.

Active ingredients

+ Uva & Uvb protection filters
High solar protection SPF30

+ Jasmine Extract
Stimulate skin natural defences thanks to antioxidant properties

+ Vitamine E
Strong antioxidant power

+ Shea Polyphenols
Recognized for their detoxifying, soothing and antipollution properties

+ Cocoa Cells
Ensure the epidermis well-functioning

The +

Does not leave a white film on the skin.

Beauty use

Shake before using.
Apply alone or under your daily cream, uniformly on face and neck. Every day for a daily protection or before sun exposure.



Comfortable skin*

Skin protected from the sun*

Unified complexion*


*% of satisfaction collected on 20 women after 21 days of use.