Iris Anti-Ageing Cares

Iris Lift Pore Reducing Gel-Cream

50ml jar

A light and velvety texture for a complete anti-ageing response and perfect skin!
Its concentrated formula acts on all concerns: wrinkles - firmness - regeneration - hydration - skin texture. The skin is visibly smoothed, firmer and more luminous, the skin texture is refined and the pores are less visible.

Active ingredients

+ Organic Iris
Favor the cell renewal

+ Iris Polyphenols
Boost to fight wrinkles

+ Iris Cellular Extract
Strengthen the density of the skin

+ Bio-mimetic Collagen Fragment
Powerful anti-wrinkles

+ Pea Extract
Stimulates collagen synthesis

+ Hyaluronic Acid
Strong moisturizing power

+ Vitamin E
Anti-free radical properties

+ Pistachio Tree Resin
Tightens dilated pores and reduces imperfections

+ Macadamia & Jojoba Oil
Nourishing and protect

+ Mattifying Powder
Erases shining marks

+ Neuro-Phyto-Oxygenating Complex
Smooth and illuminates the complexion (Patent)

The +

Quickly penetrates.

Beauty use

Apply morning and/or evening to the entire face and neck.



Smoother and Firmer skin*

Smoothed skin texture*

Less visible pores*


*Satisfaction test carried out under dermatological supervision, on 22 volunteers after 28 days’ twice daily use.