Peach Grapefruit Mango Body Cares

Grapefruit Slimming Serum

200ml tube

An ultra-refreshing slimming serum that goes on quickly to combine enjoyable use and visible results. A powerful concentrate of ingredients acts at 3 levels to address the dierent signs of cellulite. The silhouette looks visibly slimmer. The skin becomes firmer. The appearance of cellulite is reduced.

Active ingredients

+ Organic Grapefruit Extract
Anti-inflammatory action and combats the degradation of natural hyaluronic acid

+ Caffeine Extract
Action on drainage of excess water

+ Coleus Exract
Helps release lipids by energising the adipocytes and promoting lipolysis

+ Aspartame
A dipeptide that acts as a molecular decoy: it blocks sugar to prevent lipids from forming again

+ Lychee Extract
Deglycating action (makes collagen bio-available ) and antiglycation action (to prevent the fibrous matrix from returning

Beauty use

In intensive cure:  Apply morning and evening to localised fat deposits, using circular massages.

Maintenance:  Apply once a day using upward movements to stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation