Peach Grapefruit Mango Body Cares

Grapefruit Firming Body Cream

200ml tube

A fine, melt-in cream, a powerful concentration of active ingredients for a double effect: an immediate toning and smoothing sensation and a long-term firmness effect.
Day after day, its active ingredients improve skin quality, combat sagging and loss of elasticity, and improve skin firmness. The skin is left soft and comfortable and appears more toned.

Active ingredients

+ Grapefruit Essential Oil
Micro-draining properties

+ Bamboo Milk
Tonifying properties

+ Mimosa
Firming vertues

+ Mourera Fluviatulis
Maintains hydration

+ Vitamine E
Preserves from ageing

+ Silicon
Stimulate collagen synthesis

+ Kigelia Africana
Prevent tissues’ slackening

+ Almond Tree, Elder, And Chestnut Tree Complex
Acts on skin tonus for an anti-ageing effect

Beauty use

Apply once or twice-daily to areas subject to slackening: thighs, stomach, bust, inner arms.



Skin is more elastic*

Skin is firmer*

Skin is lifted*



*Use test carried out on 60 women after 1 month’s twice-daily application.