Coconut Nourishing Cares

Coconut Comfort Balm

50ml jar

This rich and creamy balm is a real delight for dry skin that lacks comfort.
A 2-in-1 product that is used as a cream or mask depending on the skin's needs. Better nourished and comforted, the skin's comfort and suppleness are restored.

Active ingredients

+ Organic Coconut Oil
Ultra-nourishing, reconstituting and protective vertues

+ Royal Jelly, Honey And Propolis Extracts
Strengthen and bring suppleness, energy and protection

+ Shea Butter (10%)
Important protecting and regenerating properties

+ Borage Oil
Reconstituting and hydrating vertues

+ Rice Peptids
Boost cell renewal

+ Maca Root
Facilitate the contribution of nutritive substance

+ Neuro-Phyto-Oxygenating Complex
Smooth and illuminates the complexion (Patent)

The +

Treatment double-use : cream and mask.

Beauty use

Like a rich cream for dry to very dry skin.
In intense nourishing mask 1 - 2 times a week in thick layer.
Leave on for 15 minutes. Remove any excess with a tissue or rinse.



Softer skin*

Nourishing skin*

Suppler skin*



*Satisfaction % collected among 21 volunteers after 21 days use.