Carrot Radiance Cares

Carrot Scrub Detox

50ml tube

A fresh, rich and detoxifying scrub that rids the skin of its impurities. Revives complexion radiance. The skin is smooth, soft and luminous. The skin texture is refined.

Active ingredients

+ Fresh Carrot Cells
Anti-free radical powerful

+ Organic Carrot Extract
Restore vitality and brightness

+ Bamboo Particles
Refine the skin structure and diminish irregularities

+ Jojoba Beads
Stimulates microcirculation

+ Yeast Extract
Stimulates the cellular detoxifying

+ Kaolin
Absorbs impurities and excess sebum

Beauty use

Apply in a thin layer on wet skin and proceed to scrub with circular movements. Rinse with lukewarm water and tone.



Smooth and soft skin*

Refined skin texture*

Healthy glow effect**


*Satisfaction test carried out on 20 volunteers after 21 days of use.