Carrot Radiance Cares

Carrot Renewing Night Cream

50ml tube

A triple-action formula that specifically works at night to detoxify, oxygenate and regenerate the skin. Its comfortable formula repairs the skin from damage caused by pollution to restore radiant and fresh skin when you wake up.

Active ingredients

+ Fresh Carrot Cells
Anti-free radical powerful

+ Celldetox
Improve the detoxification and the brightness of the complexion

+ Chestnut Extract
Micro-peeling action

+ Vitamine E
Anti-free radical properties

+ Barbary Fig Extract
Repair properties

+ Organic Heliocarrot, Shea Butter and Orange Blossom Floral Water
Combination of actives ingredients for the skin comfort

+ Neuro-Phyto-Oxygenating Complex
Smooth and illuminates the complexion (Patent)

The +

Orange tender cream with natural color.

Beauty use

Apply to the face and neck in the evening. A thick layer can be used as a night-time mask.



Comfortable skin*

Healthy skin*

Skin Less Dull*


*Satisfaction test carried out on 20 volunteers after 21 days of use.